Assassin's Creed Syndicate Oct 2015
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I loved this game mainly because of all the customizations and interesting story, I’m a huge fan of the time period it is set in. In my opinion this is everything that Unity was supposed to be


This game is what I mark the last Assassins Creed, marking the way for the MMO types and... that Unity one. The story has two characters and both are customisable and upgradable. This game is witty and captivating, the story didn't stop randomly like Black Flag and Rogue to show you the sights and break the pace. Play your style, a role model for what Assassins Creed should be.

Banquo Banquo 3mo

I must admit, this game didn't have much special to it for me to remember the story or it's characters. It felt like it was only a bunch of mixed pieces thrown into one game that barely made sense. I enjoyed Unity a bit more than this game.


the story really has no meaning like at all and no plot twists at all