Assassin's Creed III Oct 2012
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This game is outstanding. The combat in this game amazing, and it has a very interesting story, but there are definitely some things that could’ve been better. For example, Connor as a protagonist didn’t really live up to the example set by Ezio and Altair, jn my opinion, and I think that Haytham’s story was cut too short.


Good game


Its my fav ac game not just bicouse it was the first ac game i played but also bivouse it has an amazing story and awesome gameplay


Great game, hated to get used to controls compared to other gamee


5* because it says ass twice and the gameplay pretty good

Flexi Flexi 2mo

This will always be one of my favorite AC games. An amazing world to explore, satisfying combat, hunting and upgrading, and a lot of content to explore! An instant classic with a fantastic soundtrack! An easy recommendation from me!

Subpar Subpar 2mo

An amazing story with lots of historical battles and events. Despite some of its glitches I'd recommend this to anyone looking to try out the series.

Vacroff Vacroff 2mo

This is probably my second favorite assassins creed behind black flag but there’s so much to like about this game. This game was great for its time with a GREAT story, absolutely loved the story to this assassins creed. It’s also centered around one of my favorite time periods (American revolution) with many missions that were historically important.


replaying it on 360, lots of funny glitches and bugs, voice acting couldve been better, but overall, on of the best for sure