Celeste Jan 2018
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Avg. 2.5(233)

Very beautiful indie game.

Pocchi Pocchi 14d

I honestly don’t get why this doesn’t have a better score it does everything right it’s a platforming game with a great story about a girl dealing with her inner demon the music was great the route you have to figure out to get through every area is at a good medium lvl where you feel accomplished and don’t feel like you were given a pass and they even had a 2nd run for the areas that are harder the devs put their time into this game and it shows

Mink Mink 17d

It's a really interesting game. Great music, graphics style and message. Some parts of it just hit you in the feels bruh- I have no energy to write a full review rn and I doubt anyone would read it xD


Grat vame


Amazing gameplay and engaging narrative. I can defiantly see why this was one of the nominated games of the “game of the year award”.