Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Jan 2018
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There is a few bugs but overall a great game

D50 D50 3d

I played this game on PlayStation 4


I love this franchise I have been playing since mh3. When I heard it was coming to playstation I was exited. The only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars is because the game is run solely off the consoles harddrive which puts unnecessary ware on it which causes frequent freezing and crashes. Especially with the iceborne expansion it worsened because its soooooo big with lots of content. I now have to buy a new drive for my ps4😩


they have to fix some bugs

QMighty QMighty 3mo

Free dlc, free expansions, free events, what more could u ask for? Great DlC to the a game! Release of sick ass monsters as well!


Good solid game compared to the last installments. Only downside is the leveling requirements for certain upgrades and items. Makes the game waaaayy too grindy at times


great piece of dlc. a true expansion to the base game.


Everything so nice but -0.5 cuz of the handler and the guiding lands