Teamfight Tactics May, 2019
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I do enjoy the game but the RNG aspect of the game can make it heavily frustrating. That being said, if you can adapt to what the game gives you, it can be super satisfying. Can't wait for what's to come.

Sabsies Sabsies 14d

I felt like this game had a lot of potential, but currently I have fallen out of touch with TFT. The game was unbalanced from the start, which is okay! The team working on TFT was diligent with balancing champions, items, and synergies which is great! How else will they get to a balanced state? The issue arises when you consider players who cannot dedicate the time to keep up with a game in flux. I could not be as good as I wanted. For me, the only way to win is to not play. War Games, anyone?

Brian Brian 18d

Really difficult to learn and it dives balls deep into RNG


I'm waiting a mobile version!