Content Policy

What is Moot?:

Moot is a community-driven platform dedicated to all things gaming. Our goal is for Moot to be an enjoyable experience for everyone, and thus we kindly ask you to keep our Content Policy in mind as you are using Moot. You can help keep Moot fresh by reporting any content or users who violate the below.

By continuing to use Moot you are subject to our Content Policy.

Content and Behavior prohibited on Moot:

  • Content that violates US or California law
  • Pornography, sexual content involving minors, obscenity and otherwise illicit materials
  • Content that encourages, incites, or promotes violence including self-harm
  • “Extreme Content” such as gore, animal abuse, text, etc
  • Interfering with Moot's service, including the website & application, its security and integrity
  • Creating multiple accounts to evade punishment or avoid restrictions
  • Sharing of confidential and/or personal information, including information that jeopardizes the security of your or another's account(s), regardless of platform.
    • Moot takes no responsibility for any losses you experience as a result of connections made on Moot. PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION, PLEASE!
  • Spamming
    • Spam Content (ex: blank posts, excessively posting or commenting, spamming LFG with non-LFG content, irrelevant to game Lounge)
    • Excessive Posting (repeatedly posting in one Lounge to an extreme degree, posting identical content multiple times in a row across lounges)
  • All forms of threatening, harassment, and bullying including hate towards other users including racism, homophobia, intolerance, gross perversion, etc., targeted harassment (doxxing, exposing), and/or content that encourages others to do so (witch-hunting)
    • Witch-hunting is defined as “an attempt to find and punish a particular group of people who are being blamed for something, often simply because of their opinions and not because they have actually done anything wrong.”
    • On Moot, this includes the intentional or unintentional targeting of an individual or group which promotes or encourages public harassment, shaming or smearing, based on inconclusive evidence. This includes posts with screenshots of personal conversations, even if they are edited to block usernames, pictures, etc.
  • Deception, defamation, misleading and/or fraudulent behaviour including impersonating others
  • attempting to make non-gaming connections including dating, exchanging game accounts, or seeking financial gain/assistance.

Moot’s Moderators and Admins help keep Moot fresh while participating in its various communities. In order to help enforce the above policies, our moderation team may use the following measures:

  • Content removal
  • Temporary or permanent bans of accounts
  • Disqualification from participating in or winning Moot Events

The Moot admin team reserves the right to remove any content that we deem inappropriate or unfit for Moot.