Content Policy

Content that will be prohibited on Moot:

  • - Anything illegal
  • - Any type of pornography
  • - Anything that encourages or incites violence
  • - Sharing of confidential and personal information
  • - All forms of threatening, harassment, bullying, and encouragement of any harmful actions
  • - Impersonations of accounts that are misleading or deceptive in behavior
  • - Spam

Behavior that will be prohibited on Moot:

  • - Asking for any form of voting
  • - Interfering with Moot's service, including the website & application
  • - Creating multiple accounts to avoid punishment
  • - Sharing content about games that promotes an unfair advantage in multiplayer games/modes (ex: cheating software)
  • - Trading or selling of accounts

We have many ways of enforcing these rules, many of which would include:

  • - Sending a message asking to stop (warning)
  • - Removal of offensive content
  • - Adding a temporary suspension to the account
  • - Permanent ban of the account

Lounge rules will be created and managed by moderators.