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🦊Hi im 13 year old teen girl.

🐣I am single

🤡 PLZ dont follow just cos im a girl

💋i post funny memes as much as posible!!!

✨my DMs are always open if u wanna chat

🌟if anyone whats me 2 make u a banner or profile pic just dm me what u whant on it

🍕old banner was made by http://moot.us/@lbz10

🍰 old profile pic was made by http://moot.us/@pressureprince

🍭 new profile pic and banner made by me

💜my hobbies boxing , yoga and swiming.

💕I did balet, tap, gymnastics, street dance, (all for 3 years) chearleding (for 2 moth it closed down) girl guides, (for a year) karate(1 year and a half) and cata (for a year)

💙I am also VERY flexible

💝my fav mooters r

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  • https://moot.us/@gamergirl754393


  • truth or dare truth or dare
  • truth: have u followed me yet truth: have u followed me yet
  • dare: follow me rn dare: follow me rn

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