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it really isnt. it may not be perfect, and there are some flaws such as hit reg and hitboxes, but its still a fun game to play nonetheless

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imma have to say apex legends. it may not have been "new" bcuz of its predecessors, but it was certainly welcome. being able to control where the squad landed had always been something that a teamwork based br game needed. but they didnt stop at just that, they introduced actual characters, events, and even backstory. also the first game to ever have a chance to bring a squadmate back to life, which is what really changed the meta for br games. all in all, respawn in general has been doing so good with this game and i am looking forward to its future

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Moot Dec 21, 2019, 02:27 AM
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WHAT DO YOU MEAN "new vision" man ubisoft really tryna fuck up siege huh

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oh i gotta get the baja blast one lol

Moot Nov 16, 2019, 01:33 AM
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iphone 8+

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yeah my phone shit itself. had to get a new one lol

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I gotta say, im a huge fan of mechassault 2: Lone Wolf for the OG Xbox. I played that every day, and the main reason is because i loved the missions. i never was able to do multiplayer because at the time i was like 4, but the fact that you could jump into a mech and absolutely destroy stuff got my eye. the third person aspect of the game made it even better so that we could vew every part of the mech. the storyline was amazing though, and i have to give it to those people in microsoft studios, it felt like a halo campaign. you were able to get in like 1v3 situations and be able to come out, and in some cases you would have some npc's to help you out.

i cant wait for the new installation of the game series, it looks super fun and super cool to run, although it wont be the same mechs that ive been training with my entire life

the other aspect of the game that i found out later on was that it is based on a trading card game called battle tech. the only reason i ever had this game was cuz my uncle and my dad played this and he got the game. i enjoyed it.

i put way too much effort into some shit

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dang so how do we earn extra name changes if weve already reached a high level

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fuuuck i wanted a dad hat sobad. im a hat collecter lmao

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Moot Jul 5, 2019, 10:17 AM
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always love to see a hater get proved wrong. thanks

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Moot Jun 25, 2019, 07:11 AM
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Moot dad hat lmfao

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fat L mdude

The region at the bottom can not be seen, pls fix 11
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