Moot v1.2.0: Profile Bios, Pinning Posts, and Better Mobile Web!

Yesterday, we updated Moot to version 1.2.0, which includes a handful of new features to make your experience on Moot even better.       First off, we’ve added profile bios! Now you can let people know a bit more about yourself on your profile page.   What platform do you play on? What are your social media links? How about your favorite games?   We can’t wait to find out! Check out this shameless plug example below:     *Note that there is a 500 character limit to the profile bio. **If you'd like to add information onto your profile bio, you must first make sure that your profile name is unique.   The next improvement in 1.2.0 is a visually enhanced mobile web experience. If you are browsing Moot on your phone without the app, it will be significantly smoother than before. That being said, the app is still the best mobile experience you can have, so go download it already!   IN OTHER AWESOME NEWS, mods can now pin posts to the top of boards. We expect our mods to use this feature to pin lounge rules, so make sure to read the rules before posting.     If you can’t read or follow the rules, though, we’ve added a new feature that may affect you. When an admin or moderator deletes your post(s), you will now receive a specific reason about why a post removal was issue in relation to our content policy. We are looking to expand this feature and allow more two-way communication between moderators and lounge members. More details about this will be coming soon!   For more information about Moot's content policy:   And that’s it for 1.2.0. Have any suggestions for what should be in 1.3.0? We’d love to hear it! Comment below or head on over to the suggestion board in the Moot lounge. We’re always reading your suggestions in order to keep improving Moot day by day.   Thank you!   ==========================     If you haven't already, check out the most up-to-date gaming news for March 15th!

Team MootAdmin2 days ago

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